Sunday, 5 February 2012

PARIS day 2

Fabulous cheese shop on the Rue St-Louis en L'Ile .
Sunny morning: looking at L'Arc de Triomphe from our balcony.
After breakfast we headed to the Marais district but the girls didn't like it much and Miss Y complained about the walking so we headed back to Ile de la Cite which they LOVE for all the shops and they bought lots of sweets and lollied there.

I liked the puppets shop.
This cat was amusing?
Lovely scarves and colourful accessories, tres chic.

Eye catching mosaic animals.....

even some dachshunds...
THIS is the girls' favourite sweet shop in Paris:

I was admiring some felt accessories as we waited, and waited and waited....

The Notre Dame was next on our list but the queues were long and it was so cold and grey...

We briefly went inside, lit candles for the family and then sought LUNCH!

Lunches and dinners had been delicious but a bit pricey atover £150 per meal each time, so I enticed the family to a little FRENCH local bistro in le Quartier Latin...
We ate at '' The cat that fishes'' Le Chat qui pisce'' or somesuch in Rue de la Huchette.
DELICIOUS 3 course meal for all four of us PLUS drinks for under £70!
French onion soup for me and chevre chaud for JJ and the girls, then a fabulously moist salmon steak with salad and mousse au chocolat. YUMMEEEEE!

It was full when we sat down, full of local French not tourists, then we took ages so it was just us at closing time.
A bookshop down Rue Mazarin
Then up walking towards the Seine, turn left and along RIVE GAUCHE there were lovely antiques to be seen in the local shop windows. A little fashion too...

Talking of fashion: guess who wlaked right past Miss E and myself, touching distance away with a bodyguard just behind??? WHO? MONSIEUR KARL LAGERFELD that's WHO!!!!
It was sooo exciting, the trademark black suit, dark glasses, white ponytail... Not very tall.
Miss E and I whooped with glee but didn't run back for an autograph. I know it was him and that was enough.
It was near here that we saw HIM.

Blustery windy day along the Seine.
Love love LOVE the ATTITUDE of this red man at traffic lights.
He really says STOP doesn't he?
I spy a bit of ART, sculpture through an archway...
And then we queued to get into le MUSEE D'ORSAY. For the impressionists you understand, as well as the building itself.
Fab view through a CLOCK across the Seine to the Louvre?!!!
Was dissappointed in the impressionists, there were NO VAN GOGHS at all that time. But we liked the building, which used to be a railway station and was converted by a famous architect.
the building meant much more to us AFTER we had seen the film HUGO which we saw at home in the holidays and which plays out in the railway station before it's becomes a museum.
This CLOCK features heavily and I'm glad I had these photos!

Then we went home and had a lovely evening meal in the Rue Carnot at a restaurant 2 doors down from our hotel.

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