Sunday, 19 February 2012

A 7 Mile WALK - Chiltern Weekend walkers

Here it was my first attempt to walk more than 3 miles: a 7 mile walk with the Chiltern Weekend Walkers whom I found through the Bucks CC website when I also discovered the Simply Walk schemes . I have walked with this scheme on Tuesday for the first time, a lovely stroll of 3 miles or so lasting just 90 minutes and with only the mildest of inclines.
Not so this walk, the leader was tall and fit, the group of 29 walkers, younger and fitter and the pace was brisk, scenery superb and there were quite a few hills too.
We stopped and queued at St Botolph's church in Swynborne for a cup of tea and home-made cake. I was virtuous and carried the chocolate cake back to Miss E as a pre birthday treat.
There were lovely snowdrops on the way but the walk was brisk and I couldn't always reach my camera fast enough... So these are all in the church yard. We got very cold here waiting in the queue and waiting to start walking again. The wind was icy.

I was glad of my hat and extra scarf on the way back but my gloves needed to be thicker?
Then we climbed this hill at a pace that made chatting impossible and at the top I was not only warm but nicely HOT. the path started opposite the church and was part of the Ridgeway.
Other than starting at Hill road, Watlington and going via the church it was very relaxing just to follow, walk and chat to all the very friendly folk on the walk. No map reading and I mostly had no idea where we were. Just enjoyed the scenery and the lovely BLUE skies.

This was a little dog who joined us all the way, Scamp. He was well behaved and trotted along so sweetly. I wondered if Lucy could walk 7 miles or would sit and refuse once she got tired?
We walked from just after 13:30 to about 17:10 allowing for a good 30-40 minutes break at the church I think.
It was a tiring event especially straight after all that ballroom dancing last night, but oh so very worth it! Such bright sunshine, we were lucky with the weather.
I shall hope to do something similar again soon.

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