Sunday, 20 March 2011


This is typical of York: lovely little lanes with quaint shops, cobbled streets.
More of the same and I'm getting closer.....
Heaven! Or otherwise known as Ramshambles the wool shop to visit when in York.
The very kind owner let me take all these photos for your/my delectation: yummy yarns!!!
She was wearing the crochet dress- page 38 or #10 from the new King Cole Crochet book of patterns: in plum alpaca and very splendid it did indeed look! Alas I was not allowed to photgraph the lady but let me assure you both the dress and the lady wearing it looked very good.
There's my purchases all lined up with the assistant, not wearing crochet but making a granny square blanket apparently.
Baby cashmerino and the cardigan : #4 in the King Cole pattern book hanging there.

Oh look! ALL those fabulous Patons cotton DK and 4ply colours!On the far right are the King Cole Bamboo ( DK)colours: they have a fabulous choice of yarns and colours.
Yep, a yarn-lovers paradise indeedy. And 2 files of crochet patterns!!! Not one but TWO.
Unlike a lot of yarn shops which don't have any crochet- just knitting.
Again in all that lovely colourful gloriousness.
Granny squares and a NORO granny cushion. Crocheted hearts garland festooning the arch and more yummy yarns and inspiring patterns.
We must tear ourselves away now but will be back in September?!!!
My girlie girls fave store: Cath Kidston. On either side my faves: White Stuff and the White House.
The little girl was stroking the teddy and telling mummy how very soft he was. And BIG says mum. Miss E's ''essential survival clothing'' shoppe..... Not half. She wishes it were though.
Spot the Minster in the fog. t'Was foggy for 2 days, didn't see a thing from Oxfordshire to Yorkshire on the train. Whiteness only.
Different angle, same Minster.
Just to confuse, this cute terrace was just outside the City Wall: I liked it. Near my beloved Premier Inn where I ate and slept so very well, not so with the Ibis which was TERRIBLE!
Planning to return to York with the family to go to Betty's Tearooms, above .
Fab floral eggs and spot the cute chocolate badger!
Still foggy.....
Back to the Shambles again. Very easy to lose yourself in all those little streets and courtyards, best carry a map!

Bottom end of the Shambles is an art shop.
Lovely hickledy pickeldy houses...
Bye bye lovely City of York I am catching a train to Edinburgh.

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