Monday, 21 March 2011

Teddy Bear and Bunny Rabbit crochet clothes

Hey cool teddy what a fab French Breton jumper you have on there.
Sorry about the photos, I have misplaced my camera and this is hubie's which I am not so good with, can't zoom for starters. Bear with me will redo when camera found. These are presents for Miss Y for tomorrow! Minus the teddy, which was bought as a model but is now MINE MINE MINE!!! Ooops did I say that out loud?
My .design in Patons 4 ply cotton

And for cooler days we have the ribbed poloneck jumper in Patons fairytale colour 4 you, washable wool. 4.5mm hook. Fun to do and so quick! Uses just over a ball though and I only had 50g ( needs 60g) so an astoundingly generous and kind lady on Ravelry sent me her remnant as this colourway has now been discontinued. Wow thank you so much kind lady from Birmingham!

There's pink leggings to match but they look good on Bunny FIFI who is very girly but somehow not so good on teddy here, even though she's a Sophie? Or maybe in my mind he's a Tim?
Too hot for ARAN today and it's all bleached out but there's cables galore and basketweave and criss- crossing too.
For the dress I have gone all ''vintage'': vintage plum and old rose pink with a dash of green to spice it up and all in chenille: vintage velvet. The bonnet will follow for Easter: I need to use the bunny as model as her ears are closer to each other and I want to include holes for them to poke out.

Bye bye, see you again soon? All garemnts based on CROCHET FOR BEARS TO WEAR a book
by Amy O'Neill-Houck -I think am working author's name from memory....Lost book too : must go find it.

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