Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Birthday cake ,bunny and flowers

11th March 2011 and it's a certain young lady's birthday.... Fifi looks out for her to return from school. New dungarees,breton sweater and super cool sunglasses today.
Spring flowers for the table: such a lovely cheery sight.

Twas a beautiful day, not sunny but very warm: 16 degrees C already, walked the dogs with no coat for the first time this year and with cardigan unbuttoned. Birdsong was almost deafening in it's variety and volume at Cuttlebrook and buds and leaves are unfurling fast, the trees are ''greening'' up. Miss Y had a lovely day at school though a birthday at school can be less fun for some, not so here! Even a ''maths test without calculators'' had her exclaiming her joy at the fun of it, finishing early and loving her cello tunes at orchestra time. ( as well as the fudge)
And the candles are lit amidst lots of song, Miss Y insisted on baking this cake herself last night
and decorating it too.
A huff and a puff and a blow a blow, blow: wishes are made.

Who is this slice for: can anyone guess? This is all there is left and there's only 4 of us?
Fifi has gained a new wardrobe.
Sleepover party cake, last weekend.

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