Sunday, 13 March 2011

A sunny Sunday walk

Water divining don't you know? Such silly fun.
The dogs were in their element, running amok in the ankle deep carpet of crispy brown leaves.

Oh and the rolling around that went on, you would not believe. Girls giggling and dogs wiggling and JJ and I sharing the fun, hand in hand. Bliss.
I think this is where the water diviner turned into a horse's harness?
Trying hard to capture Pips in mid-roll.... Such fun she was having it was a joy to watch.
Waddya mean I have leaves stuck on my back?
The obligatory King of the Castle position. Yes milady.
T'was actually Sunday last, I wasn't allowed to Marlow today as they went on a secret ( Mother's Day) foray apparently...
JJ leads the way as it's a ''new path'' he discovered a few weeks ago.

Pips back on the lead in case of sheep worrying. Lucy avoids sheep.
Lucy: are you lot coming then? She always has to lead the way.
Oops I may have got the order of uploaded photos mixed up a little?

At the top of the hill we rest.
Sorry photos straight into the sun, not used to new camera yet.

Very relaxing.
Pant pant pant, what a lovely long pink tongue. Lucy hot and thirsty.
What is that road, you ask? M40 as it cuts through the Chilterns.
T'was a long steep- ish warm/hot-ish climb up to the brow of the hill.

I'm so HAPPY! i'm also glad not to be in one of those cars down there.
Bit breatlless too. Bothersome asthma.
Well done! You did it despite much moaning and a tantrum about walks, hills and so on. We also saw a roe deer in the woods but she was too fast and far to capture on camera.
What a magical day!

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