Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Ripple stitch rainbow blanket or afghan : progress!!!

This was taken on Sunday 10 May 2009 and I have progresses a bit further in that there are 5 more double rows, ie 5 colours added to the above picture. It's still totally absorbing and it's very relaxing to add a few rows at a time.
Today I had a half hour lunchbreak with no access to anywhere much so I very happily added 2 rows( 1 colour) to the blanket and the colours simply filled me with joy and peace and a contented happiness.
There are instructions in detail on my crochet blog:
and by that I mean a step by step tutorial in the form of photographs.
I am still using a 4mm hook and DK pure wool from Yeoman Yarns: available from
You have to phone up and ask for the handknitting shade card which they print for you and send in the post, then you can order by phone: It's not online yet.
I have been playing with the colours, not repeating any particular sequence as yet and there are different areas which are my favourites on any given day, my daughters too have their ''most loved'' bits but they also like the choice and the variety.

In that respect it's kind of like a sampler for me. A colourplay crochet sampler.

SEE? I love the sequence from pale blue to the palest turquoise above: from right to left after the red? Not too sure about the 2 orange tones right by the dark navy blue....
But the orange does spark the blue quite well?

I also like the hippy chick bit with all the 70's colours: pink,lime,orange and purple....
And I like the pinks/oranges and reds together.
By last weekend I was on a ''preppy colours'' roll: or classics: you know the sky blue, ''pine'' ( or racing car green as it used to be called) green, royal blue, navy and burgundy.....with a dash of pillarbox red.
It now weighs 666 grammes for 82 rows or 41 stripes and I timed myself today- each single row takes me about 12 minutes so I can do a double row for a single colour in about 24-30 minutes but I tend to do it in very short bursts so it's not really like that most of the time.
It's 112cm wide and the 82 rows are measuring: 82cm.
You're going to have to take my word for it but it's lovely and soft and very very warm and just great to snuggle under - while still crocheting!!!- late at night when the temperature drops and the heating is NOT on to save the planet etc etc etc.....Woolley wonderfulness.
Widthwise it fits nicely from my toes to my chin when sitting down on the comfy sofa.....still crocheting.....

And PLEASE let me know if you do: it would be SUCH a thrill!!!!!

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  1. Hello
    Now why didn't know you had a blog???
    Its great to catch up with you, and ooooooh your ripple blanket looks fantastic...the colour really sing and dance...makes me want to go and start another ripple blanket right this minute!
    thanks for sharing...
    Love to you