Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Puppies again catching up and Lucy at 10 weeks

It's time to catch up today on all those photos taken a few weeks ago but not yet uploaded because real life took over and we have been soooo busy busy busy. And it was sunny too so we were OUTSIDE!!!
Watch this: here there are still 2 puppies and mum at 8-9 weeks old and they move about so:

Lucy: I just can't get comfortable....... Jack now known as Ricci moves up too.....

And back down again, while Lucy thinks the basket next door looks a better bet.

AAAAAAAAAH Jack/Ricci now has a real relaxation moment...!!!

Can you still see me? I'm hiding!!!

Who is that then behind that flashing thing?

Jack's spotted something under the table: a bee.....
Lucy again: what a pretty face: this is at 9 weeks exactly on the morning Jack/Ricci was collected to go to his new home.
He's still enjoying the sunshine on our patio....
Joins mum in rolling Lucy over at playtime....

Showing how similar they look from above: Lucy in a red collar, Ricci in the blue...
Lucy trying to muscle in on Pippa's fetch and squeak toy.... Ricci has the sense to watch.
No luck, mum is still boss, leader of the pack.
Where have they gone?

''What's with all the photos? We are playing!''

More movements in the basket: it's fascinating to watch...

Lucy having extra cuddles when Jack/Ricci had left: aaaaaaah.
Priceless this look: Lucy really demonstrating that she's OK with all the extra attention lavished on just HER!!!
Later on she did look a bit lost and the following week she definately was a little down as she missed Ricci who she'd played with, ate with and always slept with from the day she was born....

She has this AMAZING direct eye contact look, something most dog trainers will tell you dogs just do not do...????And even better after a few minutes: she'll tilt her head sideways really quizically.... LOVELY! She's a bright spark this: one you can almost hear what she's thinking!
Just SEE those little brain cells ticking away.......I think you can see intelligence in a dog just as much as you can see it in children's and any people's eyes....
10 weeks old now and at 11 weeks we'll be walking in the big wide world. See you again soon?

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