Friday, 8 May 2009

New Beginnings April 2009

Today I would like to catch up with the elements of Spring right with us every day.
The eggshells we found in the garden the other day: light as a feather and thin as paper yet firm and strong. One white and slightly larger, one pale blue- not duck egg as it's NOT a duck's egg but very similar... And our collared dove has finished his/her brooding:is eother of these one of hers maybe?

Every day when we walk Pippa we see the lambs: when they are close by - I usually don't have my camera!- and when they are in the distance I have it so apologies for the blurry images.
They are a reminder of many lovely afternoon and evening walks watching them gambolling about.

Where's my mummy???......
Where? And Jack fast asleep here at least 2 weeks ago now, has started a new life in Woodstock under the name Ricci and has an older dachshund to play with all day named Rodney. We wish him well and I'm quite sure he's very happy there.

And finally : our friends have been using an incubator and some of their eggs have hatched: these are all chickeny chicks but different varieties of chicken. They very kindly let me snap a quick :'' aaaaaah ''photo for you to enjoy!
So raise your glass of water, juice or wine or Pimms and toast with me:
Here's to the JOYS OF SPRING and all the new life and happiness it bring.(s) CHEERS!!!!

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