Friday, 7 October 2016

Extra BUS AT crochet along square-optional all over Bobbles SQ 13

Optional extra square- all over bobbles that came about almost by accident when I was thinking of doing the meandering bobbles additional squares.
It can be number 13 as I do not like this number and my eldest does not really like bobbles so it's unlikely that this one will be included.
It's quick, fun and highly textured so I do love it.

This is how it goes:

Foundation: 6 mm 18 ch, change to 5 mm hook and ch1,
Row 1: work 18 dc along the row, 1 in each chain starting from 2nd from hook.

All even rows will be bobble rows..They will use 4Tr bobbles as explained in detail in the post for the berry bunches. If you like really large bobbles, even 5 Tr bobbles do work well here.

Row 2: ch1, 1dc, 1 4 or 5 Tr bobble in next st*,3 dc - one in each st- Bobble  in next stitch ** repeat from * to **twice more and end with 1 dc in each st for 4 stitches. ( 4 Bobbles made)

Row 3 ( and all odd rows to follow) ch1, work 1 dc in each st across, 18 dc.

Row 4: ch1, work 1 dc in each of the first 4 sts, Bobble in next stitch, repeat from * to ** as in row 2 three more times, finish woth a single dc in the last stitch.

Row 5 is the same as row 3.

These rows 2-5 form the pattern and are repeated until there are 9 rows of bobbles  and ending on an odd numbered row.

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