Wednesday, 5 October 2016

BUS AT CAL Square 12: Staggered Kisses- CROSSING TREBLES.

Do not worry folks I have not - yet- gone quite mad, square 11 will follow this weekend but as square 12 is easier and quicker to do as well as write up I had time to squeeze this one in for you right now.
 This is a very simple and quick square to make and consists of trebles that cross over each other.

Back and front views look almost identical. The sides are wavy due to the turning chains not counting as a stitch, so they alternate up the sides.

Chain 18 with 6 mm hook, change to 5mm hook and ch 2 ( =Tch),
Row 1: work a Treble in the 3rd ch from hook and in each subsequent chain, 18 sts ( 18 Tr).
Row 2: ch 2, * work a Tr into the 2nd Tr below i.e. miss the first stitch, then work a Tr into the missed stitch , repeat from * across the row:9 crossed treble groups.
Row 3: ch2, work a Tr into the first Tr below, ** then miss a stitch, work a Tr in the next stitch, then work a Tr into the missed stitch, repeat from ** across the row and finish with a single Tr into the last stitch: 8 crossed treble groups.
Repeat rows 2 and 3 as these form the pattern ending after a row 2 when 8 rows in total have been made.
after the 8th row: row 9 is the final row and is the same as row 1: simply Trebles all the way across.
Square finished, blocking is next.

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