Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Crochet Hook stand and coverlet.

 I was inspired by a beautiful wooden handcrafted crochet hook and tools stand on Pinterest recently and the stand was found on Etsy ... However it is made in the USA and the makers were most unhelpful when I asked them about the sizes .
Also it was not too expensive except that the postage and carriage was as expensive as the item thus doubling the cost so I searched on UK Amazon and found THIS: a paintbrush organiser stand from Hobby -Zone.

It was cheap and cheerful and seemed capable of holding very many hooks so I ordered it Monday and it came today! Sadly it is not supplied with glue to make it immediately but luckily after much searching - and finding many glue tubes that were all dried up and useless- I found some all purpose bostik glue that I trusted would cope with the wood and MDF.

It slotted together very nicely from a simple diagram:

Then I realised if I was really going to organise all my hooks in rows by size on this stand they would get very dirty / dusty quickly so I wanted a cover for when not in actual use day by day.
A clear cover would be the ideal, but I hate sewing with clear polythene so I chose some non fraying fabric alternative which I had in my stash and I think has a really jolly bright stripe?!
They are fancy designer dusters really so I used 3 and sewed them together.
I made a handle to lift the cover off easily.

 I gave it nice boxy sides..

 And then populated the stand with my hooks which I found in at least 5 different hook cases all over the place! Seems I have over 85 hooks now in the sized from 2 mm and above up to 15 mm.
I have kept my steel hooks from 0.6 mm to 1.75 mm in a separate tapestry case as I use them so very rarely. Ditto for the Tunisian hooks they are tied up with their long extension tubes in a special bag.
 I love that there's room for all the other bits too! Like the blocking pins, stitch markers, scissors, tape measure, yarn size measure ( for Wraps per inch), a small ruler ( for gauge) and there's even holes for your large hole or darning needles! Except most of my wool needles are in a nifty case that came with a crochet magazine a while back.
 See? So very useful!

Pride of place on my windowsill aside my studio desk...
All covered up, ready for bed...
 Talking of bed, I made a risotto today and had to do it sitting down as my foot was playing up badly today. SEE? I have it resting on the cooker rail...
 It much colder now and I'm wearing thin socks as well as thick woollen ( NORO KUREYON)
CROCHETED SOCK SLIPPERS as well! and of course the surgical shoe as well as a croc on the other foot.
 These are the Noro slippers I made in 2012!!! So very comfortable.

Good night. I'm off to bed, hobbling on my colourful crocheted socks.

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