Sunday, 17 May 2015

Writing times ahead

 Plan to be the last post for a while as I really MUST get writing and researching for my dissertation.
THIS was Cuttlebrook last week - how high the Queen Anne's lace has grown! My shoulder height.
Have not been there this week, missing it.

 Guess what this is?!
 Lucy constantly patiently waiting to go for a walk or up to bed.

 Last week I was in London at Paddington and went to register at the British Library to have access to more articles for my research...

 Amazing modern building - I was not expecting this- and a sunny quad to sit and meditate or have your lunch in.

 Off to Winchester by train and the first outing of my new satchel briefcase...

 Lovely cup of tea and breakfast croissant as I left home at 7:30 am.

 Took Lucy to vet to be vaccinated and this poster warned of dangers to dogs...
 Back home the pansies planted in April are flourishing!

 This weekend I bought and planted Bizzie Lizzies, Sweet Peas and a trailing Lobelia.

 The sweet williams are growing very large leaves but no sign of flowers or buds yet
 This morning we had a dance rehearsal at Windsor Barracks:

 Dancing on grass, we had lovely weather!
 After a picnic lunch everyone rushing off home...
This is a tiny preview of the lovely bag-pipe music!
I am now going to be writing and researching until the end of September.
If I blog at all it will be a procrastinatory exercise. So I really must not. Not.

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