Sunday, 3 May 2015

The Blues and Lucy's phantom pregnancy

Unbelievable day or several days now I've had the blues and especially today can;t seem to stop crying. Could be low blood sugar in my case so I've been eating loads to see if it will stop. Also grey skies and all this heavy rain are so depressing!
But WW was excellent yesterday I should be celebrating as reshaping by 5.5 lbs in just 3 weeks is really good and I fit back into some size 12 linen trousers? But no it's not feeling so good today.
Grey's anatomy on netflix has been keeping me focused and lots of crochet- 5 more rows of the above. It also has been difficult as Lucy is not well and having a phantom pregnancy which means she;s had me up all night fussing and panting and whining and making ''nests'' in our bed and under my feet wherever I sit. ( she's there this minute) She's been seen by the vet and is on medication but meanwhile she's very attention seeking and just so not well that's it's upsetting. She wants those puppies? She's all shivery and shaky and that's so sad.
So as a distraction here's an exhibition I went to in February and which I felt I could not blog about until it moved on which was after mid April.

The exhibition was the Art of the Brick: SCULPTURES in Lego by Nathan Sawaya in Brick Lane in February.

The flat pictures were a lot less impressive then the sculptures which follow:

 I liked the more abstract texture and light and shadow patterns of these close-ups of the bricks...

 A cello?! Yes a life size cello, but not able to make music so that was kind of sad.

Creepy: a blue note singing the blues....

 Now THIS is nice, abstract, Sharp.
 Actually I feel a tad like this now.

 Ahrg! Not feeling so good. Having a break, more to come sometime.
Not now.

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