Monday, 23 December 2013

LOVING lovely Liberty of London

 The explosive display based on the concept of the excitement of unwrapping the presents?!
 The scarves hall with a satchel hanging up?
Guitar playing CROCHET bears!!!!
 And platypuses...spotty elephants and so much all crocheted....
Cute giraffes

 Stripey monkey and campervans...
 Bunny rattles?!
Fabulous Rowan wools collections....

And of course the world famous Liberty Prints- these are the Tana Lawn ones that I particularly love:
The blue/ purples colour-way in the houses print which reminds me of BAUHAUS and Mondriaan.
For this pile it's the top one and the ships in blue/white?
Ditzy florals....
Ah those all time classics: recognized as Liberty the world over?
And the peacock feathers too naturally! I have a varuna wool shawl in the peacock print in greys from 20 years ago! Still love it.
These are current season new florals
And of course the famous paisleys?
More new prints:

And I was looking for pom pom trim as I have a scarf to trim....
Nice knitted waistcoat - comes in a kit?
LOVING needlepoint stockings!

This was a recent visit to look around and also as I have just watched the 3 episodes of the televised Liberty run up to Christmas programmes on Channel 4 I think? Absolutely fascinating it was!
And so lucky the lady who is in charge of designing the fabrics.... Shame she's so hung up on green though?
Maybe she'll have a ''BLUE period'' soon?

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