Wednesday, 14 August 2013

St Andrews rest of the week

 I think this was the bridge over the Tay as we drove to Carnoustie, but it could be a bridge from the train as well...

 Now you'd think there's nowt wrong with these wee feet wouldn't you?
 At least the heels as lookin good but ach how they hurt.
 A dachshund clock, who could resist?
 Taking my mind off the long walk to Holy Trinity by taking pictures on the way there...
 And back....

 Back in the room with my heel supports and bandage, painkilllers, Scottish music on the i-pad and my mug of tea!

 I LOVE this mug!!!! The kitchen was 3 fire doors walk away and the thin paper cups got so hot while carrying a fresh mug of tea back to my room that a mug became an essential, a necessity not a luxury.
 The sparse and slightly depressing student's room. Feeling sorry for them , my room in Newcastle was so much nicer! And this room wasn;t a patch on the New Hall one last year which was absolute bliss!
 Ach aye, this bed was a ightmare, springs sticking into your back from all angles, even after adding 3-4 blankets to cover the mattress I could STILL feel them: ouch ouch ouch!
And the sheets and duvet covers weren;t pure cotton, those fine ure cotton all white ones were so very lovely last year. Never mind 'twas only for a week.

 The town hall ceiling...
 Views towards the hills and the sea on the way to class again.
 Those fun turrets that fascinated me last year too, I think I may have taken the same photo then as well.
 A coat that looked fun but didn't look good on.
 Such a pretty jewellery tree! Watch the birdie.... Miss E didn't want one.
 Pots of cheer, yep those feet were hurting again..

 It says BUTT'S WYND which I thought was very funny but ya cannae read it.

 Carnoustie in the interval.

 A kind of pudding for BREAKFAST that was similar to X-mas pudding, only a bit less sweet.
 These in all their various forms kept me going.

 Rebecca knitted OUSDS a mascot: a NESSIE!

 Thursday's Younger Hall dance: OUSDS group photo time!
 And after the dance the feet were agony and the bucket of cold water was absolute BLISS.
 What's this suasage but as a flat square???
 Oh but the kippers were really lovely!

The museum. And the next post will be about a walk I took on the Friday and Saturday.

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