Friday, 2 August 2013

My poor sore feet journeying to St Andrews

It's that time again, time to travel to St Andrews for a whole week of blissful music and dancing. BUT this year I travel with foot injuries which mean quite a lot of pain and discomfort even to walk and this started 2 weeks before the Summer school starts so I have tried to mend the tissues by doing all the flexing and stretching exercises but they have not yet helped at all.
I do start with a happy bronzed picture showing off the lovely tan from all that gloriously sunny weather we've been having.
These are the pictures crossing the Tyne at Newcastle by train from London Kings Cross: Oh what memory as I went to University here.... Ach how I remember these bridges!

 This is all you get from the train because I was fast asleep the rest of the way, having been up literally ALL NIGHT cleaning and tidying the place so it might survive a week without me and to make it nice for a friend who was keeping vigil on the girls while JJ was still in Qatar.
 On a bridges theme: this is the bridge over the TAY river when we were kindly driven to Carnoustie on Wednesday for the dance there in the leisure centre on the beach....

 And these are the culprits of much pain and un-happy times but there's no swelling and no signs of the cause of such tear- causing- distress?

 Ah and I found a dachshund clock in St Ab=ndrews to amuse me on the ''ouch , ouch , ouch'' walk to class in the morning.
 Back in the students accommodation room:  the panadol and ibuprofen which keep me going, the special shock absorber heel pads, the heel and underfoot supporting bandage wraps, the cheery music on mu i-pad that keeps me going....not tp mention the lovely cups of tea made in the students kitchen but sipped from a lovely St Andrew's FISHY blue and white mug.

And this was Victoria where I arrived from a very early run on the Oxford Tube ..
 Then - due to the feet and the inability to walk far- a taxi across London to Kings X.
Look! 6o year anniversary flags for the Queen along Piccadilly...

 OOps just missed trying to capture Cupid?
 Got 'm!
 Some theatre...
 Now I am trying to catch the fleeting glimpse I keep getting of the infamous Post Office Tower?
 SEE? Juts behind that tree!
 Or looming in that foggy cloud? When I was little that WAS the tallest tower in London. These days it's the SHARD of course.

 In familiar territory here, I often have meetings near Warren St tube.
 Ah, the red brick Gothic splendour of St Pancras

Red brick- old and glassy new

 And then here we are! KING'S x. At about 8 am.... 84 minutes before my train is due to depart...
 Such a graphic ceiling.

 So many tourists clamouring to go to platform 9 and 3/4 that it got all blurry?
And then after hobbling to the other end of the station and struggling to reach the first- most carriage with my sore feet and heavy suitcase, I sat in my reserved seat and slept until Newcastle!

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