Sunday, 4 August 2013

St Andrews interruption for BOLERO TA DAH!!!!

 OK so I couldn;t go for the day out to PORTSMOUTH-mostly shopping- with the kids as my feet still hurt so I stayed at home and cleaned the kitchen: fridge, oven , cooker hood etc...
Then I thought I really want to finish that bolero that only needed it's neckline trim doing but as it wasn't finished it did not go to St Andrews with me.
 So I redid the neckline until both V edges matched and had the same number of DCs and the tried out the wavy trim on the sleeve: nah I didn't like it so I decided on a beaded trim instead.
But I only had the one - old- bag of these bright silver lined glass 4mm beads and it said 200 on the pack, was that enough? I counted that I'd need just under 300?! So I counted the beads and found I had 310!!!JAY!Great! So I trialled the bead trim on one side of the neck before deciding to go ahead with it, properly like.
 It kept me up all night but I did it! And I found just the right buttons in my stash/ button box this morning, what do you think? It's for an empire dress with a high waist so the cropped bolero should be perfick..

 Can you tell? I am so , so very HAPPY with how it's turned out! I'll have to iron the dress-es it's made to go with to model it properly....And to think yarn, beads and buttons ALL came from my stash so the only outlay was the magazine at £2.99?!! BARGAIN! And it was very relaxing not to write my own pattern, just follow someone else's.

 This was the chain/scallop trim I didn't like and it made the sleeves too long. Too fussy.

 The beaded trim trial: I did 1 bead per dc and worked the dc's on the reverse side so the beads show up on the right side. It's the bolero pattern from ART OF CROCHET by Hachette part works number 31
It weighed 360 g inc beads and buttons, using DK cotton from Wendy ( in 100 g balls from my stash!!!)

 This is how Lucy felt about this - stay -at home- and clean or crochet sort of Saturday/Sunday....
She does this weird/ super relax thing with her hind legs?!!! Flat - out behind.

 After all the efforts to make things gleam I also finished the back panel of TRIBE from Rowan today,
This photo shows how far I got with the first 100 g ball of Patons  4ply cotton. The back now weighs 113g.
 It will be blocked into a better shape of course! I did quite a lot of this crochet at St Andrews and on trains.

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