Friday, 11 November 2011

Remembrance Day

I was discussing this only yesterday: how does one keep the paper remembrance day poppy looking good if not pristine, do you have to buy one new every day?
I have been wearing my paper one since November 4th , it went to a dance and then daily after this on coats, cardigans and tops to remain visible but it got very folded and crushed looking?
Then I saw some home-made ones on Ravelry and resolved to crochet my own today, for today.
And finish it before 11 am to wear for the 2 minutes silence.
It's made with Sirdar baby bamboo in cherry red and some sage green DK Patons pure cotton.

I used a 3.5 mm hook, but would have preferred a 3mm to have it even tighter, couldn't find one in time. Chain 2 and then work into the first chain.
Each petal is: approximately:* 1 dc, 1 Half treble ( HTr), 2 Trebles**, 4-6 Double trebles then repeat from * to ** in reverse order. Work 2-3 petals depending on preference. Finish off and sew small a black button into the centre. For the leaf: chain about 20 then work a dc into the 3rd ch, followed by 2 dc 1 per ch, 1Htr, 1Tr, 2DTr, 1Tr,1Htr,1dc, slip stitch the remaining chains to end. Sew in ends and sew leaf onto poppy flower at back, angling so it sits at 11 o'clock when you wear it.
Mine tend to flop over which I think is rather nice as that's exactly what real poppy leaves tend to do? If you don't like this you may want to sew a piece of wire along one edge or make the leaf double sided by working back along the other side of the start chain.
Sew on a brooch back or medium safety pin - as long as it's smaller than the flower -and doesn't show.
Wear your poppy with pride and please still make a suitable donation to the poppy-appeal fund.

Let's remember with reverence those who died for us so we may live this wonderful free life we're blessed with today.

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