Sunday, 23 October 2011

Metal gorilla and crochet brown bear

A gorilla made entirely from metal coat-hangers is at the entrance to the ''making as a creative process'' exhibition at the V&A , it has a different title which escapes me.
I went to see this crocheted bear or crochetdermi as it's called by Shauna Richardson, the creator. The exhibition was quite good but at the same time dissappointing as it's all crammed into one small room. There's no-body sitting making anything, there are a few videos showing clips of processes but not anything from beginning to end. They forbid any photos so the bear ones I have taken from a postcard I purchased. The bear was in a glass cabinet, so you couldn't get a good enough look anyway.
I adore the stitch work, though: all double crochet stitches in different directions. The only other crochet item was a pair of knickers(!) from Poland, shame! There were some amazing pieces like an intricate paper sculpture but the overall impression was not what I had imagined or hoped for.
It was more of a celebration of the death and demise of manual creativity rather than the promotion and education to ensure it's enduring continuity. The small room was hot and crowded and too many exhibits were crammed into high ceiling spaces so you could not see properly and got uncomfortable trying to see. Only 2 tiny seats were provided for anyone who's like to sit and look a while.
Went to see mum in early October.
And the view from the viewpoint on the 272 which I think- but may be wrong- is called Cheesehead point was as below....

The mystery location was a view over Portsmouth from the Ports -down-hill- road for one way and over the hills and dales of Hampshire from Fort Southwick for the other directional views.
This fort lies between Fort Nelson and Fort Widley. In one of the final - blurry- close ups the Spinnaker Tower gives the identifying clue?

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