Saturday, 29 October 2011

Happy Half Term moments

This was Hobby craft a week before half term because I didn't wish to start this post with CAKE!!!
This is a bracelet Miss Y was going to crochet from a book I had from the library and we were looking at cotton yarns in Hobbycraft Aylesbury.
SEE? I thought this was a great pink colour, by the way I'm wearing my newly crocheted pure cashmere scarf: blisserenity!!!
Ah yes, back to CAKE! Miss Y kindly baked this for the friends coming to play-day as by then the family had eaten all the chocolate brownies and choccie- flake thingummies I'd purchased for the occasion.
Spot the divine new tablecloth we treated ourselves to 2 weeks ago....
Thurday while baking and playing was going on with JJ in the far north of Scotland or the day I was working from home doing an online computer course on Word 2007.
Voila, I will take a better picture soon, the scarf above and Salice the back completed below.
Thursday night I was very ill again and slept in to the afternoon to compensate. Girls did too so the London trip was amended for a late afternoon escape into Oxford as JJ had meetings in our kitchen. We arrived in Oxford centre at 18:05 and still found the perfect BOOTS for both girls at Clarks. RESULT! We had also been to TKMAXX- nowt worth trying on and then got stuck in traffic since 5pm.
After Clarks we had a superb dinner at the Mitre and before that lots of giggly fun playing ''I SPY'' in traffic jams and then on the Park'n Ride bus.
We had ribs, paprika chicken and salmon each but the ribs were the HOT favourite. Bottomless chips were very anti- Public Health?

PS Miss Y wearing the cream mohair scarf I crocheted for her.
This was today's treat or one of many as it happens. Stollen, as inhaled by Miss E.

And I made the Christmas Puddings today, would have been 2 days ago but ''someone'' ATE the entire white bread loaf I had bought to make the pudding breadcrumbs with.......We NEVER have white bread so it came as no surprise. Here we add the grated apple to the soaked alcoholic fruits. This year I used pear cider, courvoisier and sloe gin as we had no beer or stout and no rum or brandy.
The flowers from 2 weeks ago: my first beginners crochet class are lasting very well and are a daily joy.
Miss E found an excellent drawing book in Thame library when she cycled in today, lovely sunny day.

Adding the infamous fluffy fresh white breadcrumbs!
AND OH JOY OF JOYS: the first open fire of the season. On the last day of British Summertime.
And JJ cooked a marvellous steak and sauce supper and treated us all to these choccies, I bags the lovely stripey box.

And finally these are one of the 2 new pairs of boots. I was up at 10 am in the garden in my PJs spraying them with protector spray. ( both pairs are suede: let's pray and hope for a dry winter?)
I've also done a minicrib for next Friday's dance and amended a dress so it's suitable to wear, so quite a bit of sewing done. Still a long ''to do'' list for tomorrow though.

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  1. The recipe for the pudding is from WAITROSE and has now been in use by our family annually since 2004.