Thursday, 27 October 2011

Marvellous Moments

This is Burford yesterday when Miss E and I rushed over to go inspect a pair of white figure skates advertised at the Oxford Ice rink on Monday....
We ARE having a lovely half term with many marvellous moments, but with all of us now suffering with coughs, splutters,sniffles and sore throats it's a wee battle with ''the bug'' as well.
Monday after a nice lie in, we went ice skating- to be exact Miss E and Y went skating while JJ and I watched, he on his laptop and me huddled in many layers of knitwear. They had such fun it was lovely to see but I did soooo want to join in as I love skating too. Afterwards we had a great time watching the new 3 Musketeers film in 3d in Oxford, such action! D'Artagnan wasn't as handsome as in previous incarnations but the airships and Buttercup as well as Monsieur Planchet made up for this slight defect.
Totally happy after such a lovely family time we came home to springclean/tidy for friends' visits planned for Tuesday. These were changed to Thursday at the last minute but the girls had a gorgeous giggly time with our new Dance 3 WII game, which had us all in stitches trying to outscore and outdance each other. For some reason even a sweet and sour simple meal was the funniest ever with both daughters in top form joke and giggle-wise.
Wednesday was mostly work and an early evening drive to Burford. We now are the proud owners of white leather ice skates, size 5.
In the past month we have had to say a few goodbyes- one to our trusty Renault megane which has faithfully ferried the girls around from baby-hood to teen and pre-teen. 13 years of service.
She has changed role for now: storage solution for office papers overflow for both JJ's and my study/ studio/office.
This fabulously large and comfortable HABITAT sofa too has now done duty since about 1996 and after so very much washing of it's blue covers has worn them through on the seat cushions.
Goodbye to the blue and hello to new covers - soon to be completed by yours truly.
Miss Y has made the most scrumptious WW strawberry sponge finger layer cake!!!!
Pippa has been sulking, waiting for walks . Yesterday when I was working and both girls at home, she didn't get a walk until 7pm when JJ took her out.
Part of the W.I.P. of the back cover to the sofa... Yes I HAVE been really really busy lately.
One arm almost completed, I have added the piping as it's so much smarter, and the hem is a ''to do'' item at this stage.
Beginning to look good???? It also involved a trip to IKEA in MK to buy the fabric- can you believe I had to measure and cut 12 m of fabric all by myslef while the shop assistant just looked on? UNBELIEVABLE! I ended up with 13m just to be on the safe side...
Ah yes, the strawberry cake before it was cut to reveal those yummy layers.
A few samples of crochet, OLYMPIA in tweed stitch , sorry the photo turned clockwise but when uploaded turned back somehow. This looks lovely with nice blues fading to lilacy purples, but it's not a soft yarn so may become a bag but not a garment.
This was another wee invention of mone, crocheted while on that Leominster weekend.
Trying out King Cole mohair, bought in York the other day.I like the effect but again it's not all that soft? Could be crochet flowers , hat or a scarf/snood?
SALICE the jacket I made in Blue in the summer, is now in progress in white in Double Top cotton from Texere. Just finished the back and 2 pockets last night. It's taken the entire first cone though, which I hadn't expected.
Today JJ is in the far north of Scotland- by plane- and Miss E is having a friend over. Miss Y is full of cold and didn't invite her friend for fear of giving her the bug, aaaah so sweet.
It's cold, wet and grey outside so we'll be playing WII games, baking and staying warm inside.
Talking of warm: the boiler has been replaced and we have thermostat thingummies on all our radiators now. The boiler was from 1988 and a dear friend even if it did make a lot of banging noises lately. Another goodbye.
Other news: I have given my first LOCAL beginners crochet class and been to the Oxfordshire RSCDS annual ball- the latter was such fun! Even with my cold, I managed quite a few dances and the supper was delicious, everyone had excelled themselves for the deserts!!!
The week before : 15th, I attended a dayschool with 5.5 hrs of dance practice run by London RSCDS branch and this too was wonderful fun all day and evening.
At last JJ may be wrming to the idea of giving it a try too? Here's hoping: fingers and toes all crossed! Got to go do some computer online raining now.

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