Thursday, 1 September 2011

Summer outings

It seems a long time ago that week in Llandudno, we have had relatively little sunshine since, lots of ''white cloud'' days and have been beset by illnesses, but a sense of contentment settled on me today as I walked the dogs in the sunshine we DID have for a while today.
OOOOOH yes and then there's my new baby: my new cabriolet- isn't she a beauty?
We haven't had much chance to drive about with the top down yet and more photos of such are needed, good news is the dogs LOVE it with the top down and Pippa stays put, Lucy sits strapped into a seatbelt with a harness on in the back seat.
She's my black panther prrrrrr but needs a nice colourful crochet throw for the lovely leather seats, to protect them and to add a bit of cheery colourfulness!
The kids have been playing nicely too, see Miss Y teaching Miss E some new pat-a cake- type songs.
I've done loads of crochet- some of it tres boooring as it was that Salice jacket of endlessly the same stitch in one colour, but I have finished all pieces now, sewn it together and it just needs the finishing crab stitch edges and buttons now. And surprise surprise: IT FITS!!!!
Since finishing the main parts I've been playing with a floral scarf in smiley stripes: bamboo and wool.
And most of the Bank Holiday Monday was spent in the car to Brighton and Lewes and back so I crocheted some lace with dreamy buttery soft pure 100% cashmere yarn I bought more than 3 years ago! (Jan 2008).....This is what one 50 g ball makes....
We went to LEWES after Brighton, but here a re a few photos I took...
Lovely lane by the ancient booshop where I found some Georgette Heyers and chatted to the chap who'd lost a 6 week old kitten somewhere in his bookshop...
Miss A in a topshop aviator jacket strolling past the castle gate.

We found some white cliffs ( of Dover said JJ) but they were just outside Brighton...?
Had a lovely walk there in the late afternoon/early evening sunshine- with both dogs too.
JJ loved it, he really misses the sea.
Ok so this one didn't upload properly?
And the sky-scapes were just amaaaazing.....

Bye then, lots more to catch up on soon. For now that dreamy cashmere is calling me. It's bliss to crochet with and incredibly smoochy soft. Can I feel a dreamy cardi-jacket coming on????

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  1. The print was all saved to a nice royal blue colour but somehow did not stay that way? This did not used to happen is it the Google chrome? Or windows 7? GRRRRR I love that blue print for the lettering!