Sunday, 7 August 2011

Llandudno holiday part 1

On one of the days Miss E and I took a gondola ride over the Great Orme. Sorry pictures are scrambled - mostly backwards - am getting used to Windows 7 and my photos etc are uploading differently.

View into Snowdonia National Park, across to Conwy.
Over the trees just at the start, oh how my heart jumped into my throat, it was so steep! Am getting worse with heights with age for unknown reason, I was hanging on for dear life: like a white knuckle ride?
Llandudno pier and the little Orme.
West shore Llandudno, Deganwy and Conwy....
Can you spot Conwy Castle? Looking back from walking up the Great Orme from our delightful cottage.
Amazing windfarm, what a sight!
Walking downhill into town, towards the West shore.
Walking downhill, the promenade and Llandudno Bay.
A regal looking gull, but they were pests and 2 gulls stole the ice creams right out of the girls' hands! Swoop and steal, what a shock and many tears too. They were each left with only a third of the cone, all the scoops of dairy ice cream and 2/3 cone all gone into a greedy gull's beak.
View to the right of front door of cottage.

Both dogs and kids just loved it there, especially the Disney channel for the girls....
Yep: just 2 simple choices: uphill or downhill walk today?
The BLISSFUL view: both from living room and master bedroom, both with windowseats AND you could even see this from the bed!!!!!BLISS. Such pretty twinkly lights at night.
In the daytime the sun reflecting off the roof of cars made it look like the promenade was wearing a necklace of sparkling diamonds.

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  1. 4:56 is actually 14:03 UK time in August 2011.