Saturday, 10 September 2011

B,C,D:Boofle, Crochet and Dogs!

This is the ''ta dah!!!'' moment for ''Salice'' the crochet jacket pattern from Kim Hargreaves in the ''Whisper'' knitting book. I finished the buttons this morning while watching a film...
And yes it fits!!! Though the neckline is a bit ''square'' and deep, but quite nice all the same?
Ignore my expression, Miss Y was talking to me and I wasn't quite ready when she took it?
Emulating the poses in the book proved too hard! This is as close as it gets, the side view was far too depressing for me so that's not being blogged!
For details : I followed the pattern more or less, adjusting it where my gauge was slightly looser.
In rows not in stitches, though. I used Patons pure cotton DK and it took 622 g or just over 6 of the 100g balls. I started it in Mid-July 2011 and finished today.
Lucy wanted in on the action when we were taking the photos so here she is.
Was that a pigeon in that tree? Grrrrrrr
So are you going to give me a treat then?

And all this time Pippa was dreaming and ''sunbathing'' in her basket....
No, I won't look up for you!
Woof woof!
And although I only ordered it yesterday morning my BOOFLE crochet kit arrived today!
Boofle has been very popular in our household for 2 years now.....You can buy knitted ones and I had been thinking- as you do- ''I must design a crochet one instead! Or in fact a stripey dachshund called Sam or Susie or Sasha, Simone, Simon, Shirley, Stephen, Stephanie, sssssssss?
A stripey sausage -dog with his/her own product range and cartoons? So the thinking went on and on and not a lot was DONE about it. Meanwhile we continued to collect Boofle memorabilia.
Wrapping paper covers my early 2011 diary book...
Miss E was given the knitted ones and gifts featured here....
Yummeeeee cupcake one with a yummy b'day message...
Super COOL dude Boofle. Dig the glasses. Doggie raybans.
Picture frame.
And a bag ful of sewing repairs awaiting my attention.... Did you know there's a Boofle cartoon and a website?!!!
So here He and I say bye bye, I will start crocheting him from this kit- I only really wanted the pattern- so He's what I'll be crocheting NEXT. I found the kit courtesy of Inside Crochet magazine- it's a DMC one. 3mm hook so it's gonna be a slow slog....And to MY way of thinking the beige provided thread is NOT quite pinky-beige enough to be absolutely correctomundo.
And the kit was missing a hook so I popped into town to buy one. Hopefully there's be a BOOFLE TA DAH really soon....

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