Wednesday, 12 January 2011

January creations : a new bag: reversible bucket bag

Happy New Year!!! A bit more tardy than last year... Been busy busy busy: ta dah! Made the above bag on 2nd January : first thing I made in 2011. It's called the reversible bucket bag and the pattern is from an amazing new book I discovered called the Bag Bible by Lisa Lam . Abslolutely fabulous patterns and instructions: I made this in an evening!!!
The pink is a fabric given to me by my sister when Miss E was born and she's now 12. The 2 blue fabrics were acquired especially for this bag from Masons just before Christmas. It was a project I thought we'd all enjoy for the Christmas holidays, but we were either feeling poorly or just too busy with other bit that it almost didn't get made at all.
It says a lot for the book, I have 4 other ''bag making'' books out of which NO bags, none , nada have yet been made. Plans yes, actual bags: none!

Totally reversible: see?!!! This is the lovely elegant blue/white side whereas the pink ios the mad summer side or the side for grey rainy days too. I even bought the gadget and made the little flower for the brooch fastening. It was fun to do and very rewarding.
Just a quickie to show our flowers for New Years Day: ta dah! They were so blousy and cheerful and quite made the day- as did the New Yera's concert of course - especially the music and the ballet- SUPERB!!! Didn't think anything of this year's Queen speech though: very annoyingly patronising.
Quick look at the flowers again to erase that memory! Also finished properly the chair seat cushion cover by inserting the zipper: ta dah!!!
100% recycled materials: foam from old dog beds, used and worn out jeans and a zipper recovered from an old dress.Finished all 4 of the hats, here's the pom pom one with earflaps- pattern on Ravelry. Except the earflaps are ALL MINE. All fully lined with fleece hand sewn in.
This is what 80% of the Christmas holidays was like: both girls totally pre-occupied with phone games, i-pod/i-pad and other electronic gadgetry. I on the other hand re-discovered my love of sewing and made this ''Buid-a Bear'' Bunny a nightie. My own pattern. Soft vintage cotton jersey and a wee pink bow.Aaaaaah. In the New Year we did manage just ONE walk: voila.
Miss Y showing off her Cath Kidston umbrella that Santa had brought her. My new bucket bag gets it's first outing. Family photo? No chance! Well 4 out of 5 ain't bad. Miss Y also sports her new fab spotty scarf and her new - market and knitted boo hiss- earflap hat.
Miss E stomps off in a huff in fabulous new Jack Wills coat, new tartan Toggi wellies and hoodie sweatshirt for her upcomig Aberdyfi trip.
JWills, C Kidston, Toggi- ah yes we've entered the very brand conscious age for the girls, not my cup of tea I must admit. ''Made in China ''features far too heavily for my liking. Where's the '' home-made'' or the '' I made it myself''???
Bye for now.

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