Wednesday, 29 December 2010

It never rains in London

I hope you have had a good Christmas? We went into London yesterday to see the Nutcracker Ballet as above. It was excellent . Really beautiful dancing and wonderfully blissful ( live) music but the sets and costumes were just a little dissappointing. A magical time was had all the same.
Prior to walking to the Coliseum from Oxford St we braved the sales( John Lewis- horrendous) and then wandered about checking out the Christmas lights ( and Jack Wills but more of that another time)

Of course having spotted crochet bags- even if they were in the sale- they HAD to be photographed- JJ did the honours.
I preferred the green one- and I don;t really like green- and the bows were somehow out of place- but that's just my opinion?
Let's catch up a little on our quiet family Christmas in 2010:
I made brownies in shaped cases for the first time and decoratinmg them was such fun! Both girls joined in too- one of the lovely highlights of that day.
And they were made in about 40 minutes inc baking time but eaten within 10......
2 each and oooh sooooo yummy!!!
Another culinary adventure turned out a great success: the Turkey leftovers morphed into a lovely dinner for Boxing Day with finely sliced potatoes,peas,carrots,stock,herbs and lots of double cream....The bacon stopped it drying out and was the token ''ham'' for Boxing Day.
Recipe to follow soon! Kids gave it 10 out of 10 and it was all eaten - no leftovers!

We also hugely enjoyed the tiny Christmas cake made by Miss Y at school- the cake was actually baked in a tin can! Then expertly decorated by my beloved and talented youngest: yummeeee!

Again I cannot describe just how fast our respective quarters were indulged in!
Minor disasters are part of experimentation: my mince-cakes ( instead of mince-pies) not such a success. Ooops.
The Christmas pudding was delightful as always but the flambee did not show up on this photo.
This pud lasted a mere 3 days between 2 adults and 2 ''children''. There were presents a -plenty most of which I forgot to photograph, but here were a few:
Miss E having outgrown her fancy sweetie wellies acquired these just before X-mas- another fancy pair very County don't you think? The sweetie ones have gone to Miss Y but I've got my fingers crossed that she too will outgrow them soon so muggins can enjoy walking the dogs in them. ( they are my size and I'm not growing...!!! Santa knew me so very well: Gilmore Girls AND a nice new diary/journal: hip hip hooray.
And for the home a nice new sign/hooks for the shopping bags I'm about to create with my new bag-making book and gizmos/gadgets.
Shall we remember our Christmas decorations: old and new?
Our crib made me wonder what happened to the one I grew up with at our home? Our Church has the SAME one as I had as a child but much bigger of course, it must date from the 1950's/60's?
The real snow is melting now, it's almost all gone but here are the snowflakes I crocheted last year: November/December 2009.
Rudolph is a trusty friend from the late 1990's? Habitat I think.Luckily I dated this advent calendar as I was guessing it at 2001 or 2002 but it states 19 November 1999 on the back. It was bought as a kit from the sewing shop which is now a hairdresser - opposite the now new Library building in North St. In 2008 a mouse got to our attic when we had the pipes for the washing machine re-routed and nibbled on part of the calendar. I have plans- oooh such plans!- the CROCHET a new advent calendar, a wreath for the door ( felted poinsettias) and a crib with all the figures in 4 ply wool or cotton. BUT as my little Christmas pudding decoration still has not been finished this year the plans are just that. Plans .
Hence the old calendar has not yet been mended. We had to hang it higher this year as Lucy would have raided the chocolates.
Chocolates were raided anyway as this year mum and dad felt a bit left out and may have chosen a few? Note to self: if making new calendar : make pockets big enough for 4 chocolates per day....
Cards, santa and a glass painted dec made by Miss Y.
mY SWEET little soldier in crochet. Within the nutcracket theme.
Couldn't resist these laser cut felt decs- new this year and contributing to those record sales for J Lewis.
In our big REAL tree, the children's fake one has now been donated to Oxfam together with 10 kg of mini Boden/Next/Pumpkin patch t shirts and sweatshirts. How cute the girls looked in those.

Nice aren't they? With beads and a bell- made in China one and all. If Jesus were to be born today : would he be ''made in China ''too? A Chinese Messiah now there's a thought.
Talking of manufacturing: Jack Wills goods are super cool apparently and made in China. See these cabled hats? I made an earflap cabled hat but was accused of it looking like a ''helmet'' so I have added the most humungus POM POM ever. Inspired by the above.
Here it is steaming up for extra fluffiness : made with a 8.5cm pom pom maker.So this is how I spend my days. Steaming pom poms. Still also loving our fab new kettle.
I refreshed the boiling water 3 times and the last lot was just 1 cm below the pom pom: such fluffiness! Photo to follow soon, I have to decide whether to line this hat or not. The other 3 hats are now fleece lined for comfort and extra warmth. And finally : during the many old films, the Gilmore Girls on tv, Dr Who x-mas , the drive into London yesterday, at Starbucks with a large hot chocolate in Soho, The Queen's Speech, and an amazingly gripping show on BBC2 about Indian Hilltop railways I have been crocheting a new blanket/throw/bedspread in a new set of bright colours. VOILa current progress.

And THIS is what happens when you put a blanket on the floor.

Lucy claims it as her own. See you soon. Have a good creative happy time 'till we meet again.


  1. Hi just wondering if you can tell me where I can either buy the little soldier or the pattern to make him my grandson was given one from an Aunt in London and has become very fond of it. ta

  2. Dear Vi

    I am sorry I feel such a fraud, but that decoration was PURCHASED by me with 3 other as a set. Made in China and rather expensive at the time.

    If I were to make one this is what I would use: I have looked up these links for you:

    First looking for the patterns on Ravelry: toy

    Then choosing the best one:

    then needing the boy to inside the clothes:

    and I would choose:

    but also I have this book on my wish list and I REALLY love it, actually I think it's a MUST HAVE:

    AND YOU CAN LOOK INSIDE! to see how brilliant the book appears to be. Mind you I haven;t tried it yet.

    Then you can copy the details you can see on the photo? Using 4 ply or finer will make him small enough for the tree or a DK will make a toy to play with I should think?

    GOOD LUCK! and let me know how you get on?

  3. Hello Vi

    Just re-read your comments and you did say ''buy'' as well, Why not ask your aunt who bought the first one?
    Or try these links:

    One is £55 and the other £25, but they do look very good? I bought mine from a real shop on the high street and they don't sell them anymore, probably as they are so expensive and we are in a Recession?
    Mine was also more than £20 in 2010.