Monday, 17 January 2011

Crochet Flowers

Whoopee! I'm a-feelin all flowery 'n all, don't you know? The above is in DK cotton with a 4mm hook and from the amazing book below.Geranium.
It's 60 or so crochet flower patterns and all with diagrams and I can't believe I was given it for my birthday in May 2009 and had not made anything from it until January 2011!
I feel a very flowery floral kind of a Spring coming on so it's flowers we'll be needing.
This is the book picture of my flower at the top: a geranium page 76, flower # 57. And I have to give special thanks to my friend Ruth who asked for help on flower # 41: the first crochet flower in the book: a Hellebore.
We had a crochet lesson session on it and it made me want to make a few more.
There's this one, Auricula,made in tapestry wool; anchor tapestry wool at 90p for 10m. And a 4mm hook.
It turned out a bit large to use as a brooch closure on my new clover cardi-jacket : it's 11 cm across but it is lovely though. I love the cupped 3d petals and the deep centre and stem.
The palest lilac was a paterna tapestry single strand wool at 50p a skein, using 4 strands together.
Here's that first flower: I did it in a burgundy wool 4 ply but should have taken more than one colour with me.
I rather liked this chrysanthemum in the book so I made it in clover mohair that I found in my stash and added a silver bead in the centre. Now I have a brooch to close my cardi-jacket and it had it's first public outing on Sunday.
I might not always want such a big blousy closure so I also made the little one below: Zinnia from just over 5m of tapestry wool, a 3mm hook and the pattern on page:88.

Don't ask what happened to the colours, It's the darker purple ''clover'' colour to match in tone but be slightly contrasting with the cardigan. The photo with it lying on the book is more like the real thing. Back to making more flowers! Bye see you someday soon? Happy hooking!

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