Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Japanese Joys: new crochet books!

Here's a tiny preview of the Japanese crochet books I have received recently and which excite me so very much. I just love the simple and elegant styling they do!
This lovely cardigan has an intricate pinneapple design yoke, and then the body and sleeves are added later. Quite in the way Doris Chan sometimes works: top down fan stitches.

There are also the beautiful subtle variegated yarns to admire!
And the young models which I was hoping would appeal to my -almost- teenage daughter...

This one for the raglan shapings: I so love a raglan sleeve for comfort.
In browns,ochre greens and orange definately not my colours and yet it really appeals to me, minus the frills. Fun colour and pattern play.
This is a favourite, the lovely surprise at the back!

Cover of one of the books.....Alas the index did not come out that well. More later I promise.

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