Friday, 6 August 2010

African flowers for a cushion cover

Hip hip hooray! My first attempt at African flowers and i'M A-LUVVIN THESE!
If you like them too, I found the pattern over on FLICKR in the african flower crochet group.
They have the pattern in words as well as a diagram. Have a go, these are fun!

And you have 5 rows of colours to play with. I have crocheted them together on the fifth row.

It's a wedding present for my sister who is getting married for the second time and who has requested only handmade creative presents..... And their campervan ( new) is a deep red, hence the choice of colours.

Something to make it look cosy and to rest a weary well-travelled head on....

14 colours from my stash and some I bought specially: mostly DK cottons, some bamboo, all different brands: Patons, Wendy, Rowan,King Cole,Elle,Sirdar and so on.

3 greens, 3 reds, 2 orange tones, 1 peach, 3 pinks,2 beiges. Some to brightly clash a bit. Fun.

At forst I thought it wasn't so portable, but then I thought why not crochet the first 4 rows ''on the go'' ( train journeys, hockey matches, waiting in line at Mme Tussauds.....) and then do the joining row at home?!! So that's what happened above, both made in London on 2 August.

same 2 with a flash, colours don't look so good now?Another 16-18 to go I reckon!

That's the perfick ( a la Larkin) project for our little holiday starting tomorrow! A great adventure on the canals: our first mission in travelling by narrowboat.......!!!!!! Will I have time to crochet? Or will it all be ''all hands on deck'' for all those locks, 36 I believe.

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