Monday, 30 August 2010

African flower cushion: finished!

Ta dah! It's finally finished from it's conceptual idea on the 24 July 2010... It seems like 2 months , albeit just about 6 weeks or so start to finish. Do you like it? We do.
It's been made everywhere, at home, on car journeys- JJ driving of course- , in the Eurotunnel, on a beach, on the Brittany apartment balcony, the sofa at home, on a train to London and on a narrowboat travelling the Oxfordshire canal.
It has a fabulously brightly striped back with BIG red buttons, which are rather fun I think. The back is in 1 dc 1 chain which is one of my all time fave fabrics at the mo.
Ta dah! Again, I couldn;t resist. We just love it, Miss Y especially and we'll be sorry when it's posted to my sister this week as it is a present for her and her partner.
Here come the flowers: all 16 of them, they are all totally different. But from a base of about 12 core colours.

It's a great pattern to play with colours as you get a chance to use 5 colours in each hexagon:
centre, petal base V's, petals, spikes and petal edge,outside edge.
I've gone right outside my comfort zone colours here and really had a ball playing with some unusual combinations, trying to get colours to clash and zing and make a big impact together.

They were all crocheted together as I went along, no sewing or joining later when I had a pile and no grand plan at all. Just happy chaos. And a desire to have minimum repeats close to each other, outside edges always had to have a contrast and no same petals or centres in a row....
At first only red, green and beige were allowed as outside edges, but I did relax that rule a bit later. Two backs were made with buttonholes in one so they overlap and the stripe sequence continues uninterrupted.

Back with buttons on. And then it all got assembled this morning. Finished with a red crab stitch border.
It all fits nice and snug. Perfect for a weary head to fall asleep on. After of course choosing the favourite flower or stripe sequence.
It's meant for my sister's campervan so I wanted it to be comfortable, bright, cheerful and practical as well as entertaining in the way that there's plenty to look at. The campervan is red.
Leave a comment if you'd like the pattern or any'' how to'' details, happy hooking!

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