Thursday, 13 August 2015

Other camera photo diary St Andrews August 1-10th 2015 prt 1

 St Andrews West Sands on the Monday afternoon on a walk with Caroline.
 Preparations before we left: crochet ribbing for a skirt waistband in navy soft cotton 4 ply from Yeoman, 4 mm hook.

 The pattern I chose: Roslind skirt from Interweave Crochet: my first skirt pattern.
 Lunch at TEbay services, a lovely view over a mini-lake.

 Many rows finished on just the first day in the car: left at 9:30 am , arrived in Moffatt by about 5 pm.

 The medallions were the trickiest to do in the car but totally worth it. The pattern also kept my interest with the variety in each row.
 Palatial bedroom at the B&B in Moffatt.

 Back to West Sands on the Monday.
 High spectator stands at the old golf course being dismantled now after the Open.
 Cartoon card for dance teacher 1st 3 days.
Pianist for the first three days. Brilliant music, quite fabulous.
Younger Hall Thursday .Half the  Highland dem team just walking on from the far left.
I think there were 14 in the team the video recording is on YouTube.

This is the Ladies' Step demonstration dance:

And this is the Country Dance dem : the Library of Birmingham dance from book 49.

Friday tea break time the sea called rather than the coffee shop! As we were so close to the Castle beach....

Jorn and Mario already on the beach.

Taking a panorama view..

Dorothea paddling, I joined her a bit later, it was freezing cold but good for sore dancing feet!
Then for ice cream after class with Susan and Eve.

 The turret house I loved in 2012 is for sale???  At Kennedy Gardens with a view over the University buildings and car park to the sea and the hills beyond.

Turns out it was the penthouse apartment only, the one with turrets and a glass roof terrace!
£600,000 anyone??? Holiday flat for Summer schools to come indefinitely? And let to golfers the rest of the time?
Where's that lottery ticket?!
Due to the Lammas Fair the Cathedral grounds were open to the public free of charge so it's the first time I went inside. See next post.

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