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Food diary for St Andrews Summer school week 2.

Hello at last. Having successfully removed 17 lbs with the help of Weight Watchers and delighted to fit into so many of my old and beloved skirts and dance dresses I thought a food diary at St Andrews might keep me in check. And if not at least I could learn what I had eaten and the effect it had?! 
I attended all classes and walked to Boys Brigade for 3 mornings and Younger Hall for the remaining 3. I walked Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday afternoons, and walked the stairs most day to 4th floor.
I danced all dances, mostly RSCDS except for St Andrews branch dance on Tuesday and Carnoustie on Wednesday.
We had walk- throughs most days at 5 pm and got a lift to/from Boys Brigade for the Tuesday evening dance.
I came home and weighed the EXACT same weight as when I left!!!!!( 9st 4)

and THIS is what I ate:

This was the excellent dinner at Brodie's in Moffat on 1st August on the journey up North.
Oh such delicious desserts on the Sunday 2nd August! The apple pie was best and I left some of the pastry.
 This may have been lunch on 3rd August Monday  There's macaroni cheese under the salad and cabbage too.
Totally fabulous chocolate torte! Rich and dark, sweet and gorgeous.
 Dinner on Minday: delicious tender salmon and I added the seeds from the pots by the soup.
the dark lump is a quarter large baked potato and there's a small scoop of mustard mash.
 Breakfast on 5th, Haggis!  Very peppery. And a veggie sausage which I ended up having daily: leek and potato: delicious!

The other half of breakfast, branflakes and prunes. Not sure what type of milk.

Dinner menu for the 5th: the hunter's chicken was wrapped in bacon.

 I had it but it was too large, did not eat it all.
 Loving the fishy/ seafood starter though!
 And had the crumble. Not enough fruit for my taste and I don;t like hot custard or cream so had it plain which was a tad dry. Being Dutch I like my custard cold?
Breakfast where I tried the porridge: yeuuuch, not for me!  Too lumpy and weird. And the berries were very tart and I'd forgotten to add any sugar at all. So I reverted to fruits and a croissant.

 Lunch on the 5th! Totally delicious and the rice was brown so I had loads as it's in Filling and Healthy at WW.
AND PROFITEROLES! but too little chocolate sauce?
 These are the menu choices for the 5th August.
5th was Carnoustie so a bit rushed all round and did not have time for dinner. I took some cheeses from the cheese bar and a banana and quiche slice to eat while dressing , we left at 6 pm .
From 5 to 6 pm I'd been running around in town, South St and Market St looking for Fergus, after he'd dissappeared from the West Shore beach. Was at the Cathedral when I heard he'd been found on the golf course. Ran back and we all dashed off to Carnoustie.
 This breakfast saw the first of the kippers ! And a potato pancake but I could not discern the potato.
Pigging out on 2 veggie sausages! 6th August.
 Cereal eaten before remembered photo and banana is for tea break time!
Menu choices for 6th August.

 Lunch on 6th, veggie burger was pesto and mozarella but a bit bland but the waffles were great!

And banofee tart was so very very ( almost sickly) sweet. Yummy though, ate it anyway.
 Thursday Dinner, in a rush again as I've had a shower but need to get ready for the formal dance at the Younger Hall. The walking party leaves halls at 7 pm prompt. Some chicken.
Goat's cheese starter, loving the cheese!

The dessert of white chocolate mousse with raspberries was simply divine. Tart raspberries in a creamy sweet chocolate mousse. Could not miss that! Then dashed to get ready, climbing ''Ben Nevis'' on the way- those are the stairs from B floor to D floor when you've eaten it seems like a mountain!
 Breakfast on 7th August, shreddies, prunes and a selection from the cooked choices.
 After class we went to Janetty's Gelateria for ice cream! I had chocolate malt, single scoop.
 Then after window shopping and generally dawdling I almost missed lunch , running the last bit to arrive at the last of the queue at 13:25! Phew! The chicken stir fry was too spicy for me but the veg and chips were nice.
And then more ice cream! As they'd run out of the promised fresh berries. And a yoghurt too.
( I didn;t eat the chicken so that was the protein)

 Salad choices turned out not to be so nice at all. Just the cucumber really. Rest was spicy or bland and cold quiche is not so good.
 Back to the gelateria on the following morning! With Caroline this time and walking back for lunch.
So much choice!
 Settled for white chocolate with raspberries as recommended by Susan yesterday.
 Dining Hall.
Lunch on the 8th: a truly scrumptious stroganoff!!!


Dinner on 8th: smoked salmon starter with grapes.

 Fish and vegetables.
Mocha cake with whiskey, except it was too much coffee and too little whiskey if you ask me!
the chocolate flakes were nice though.
On the way home , this was lunch at TEBAY services: a smoked salmon sandwich on 9th August.

From the other camera:

 On 1st August on arriving at our B&B in Moffat I was hungry so I ate all the biscuits and the chocolates!
 Pudding at Brodies had been the superb tiramisu tower pudding.
 Breakfast on Sunday 2nd had been cereal with fresh fruit, and this was special K except I'd thought it was bran flakes....

 AND a cooked breakfast as well.
then lovely wild mushroom soup for lunch at Cupar. The seeded bread was very good indeed.

 On 7th August for dinner I had mango sorbet- delicious but had to be eaten before the dinner as it was melting FAST!
 Charcuterie selection|:
 And it was macaroni cheese time again.
And that was not quite all....
Some nights after the evening dance I was so very hungry?
I would have light baby bells. and prunes. and some Pom Bear potato snack - small bag.
And some Quavers as tesco in St Andrews do not stock any snack-a jacks.
And then finally an Options belgian hot chocolate. With a little skimmed milk.

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