Sunday, 8 February 2015

Ordinary life: walks,cooking, crochet...

 Such a lot has happened just daily life but it just keeps on rushing by faster and faster?
 Lucy's been groomed and looks as pretty as any dachshund Princess, pretty as a picture and so adorable.
 I made and completed a royal blue floral lattice crochet shrug..
 I altered to fit and added a border to a blue and white skirt from M&S...More Provencal now.
 I dyed a Boden cardigan bright turquoise with some t-shirts too... That was fun! And turned out terrific.
 One night at 10:30 as I walked the dogs it started SNOWING: really large flakes...
 Bemused dogs..
 White blanketed streets.
 Finally made a KUMIHIMO braided bracelet in navy and silver from Hobby craft cords bought in the summer.

 Voila ! A lovely bracelet which has been much admired already.
 Another morning: more snow this time. Drove Miss Y to school with cello for orchestra and House Music rehearsals, early- 7 am-and in the snow!

 Also late afternoon sunny spells at Cuttlebrook walking the dogs: I heard a Woodpecker!!!

 Pippa has to sniff and dog at EVERY mole-hill....
 The pond was frozen over! But not enough to stand on.

Started the Trinity Lace Shrug- with weird poorly explained short rows for the back, what a nightmare!, looks more like a sleeve cap?

 Miss Y made puff pastry cheese sticks and plaited one beautifully.
Then todays walk was superbly sunny and the light was lovely.
Just saw a grouse and lots of birdsong but no woodpecker today.

all those poor trees covered and choked by the ivy...

 Gorgeous curving branches against a blue blue sky!
 And the light turning the bark so greeeen with striking shadow-play patterns.

 Then home to cook a salmon pie - like Delia's coelibiac...

 Leeks, spinach,onions,mushrooms, peppers, watercress,lots of vegetables with pink and red Atlantic salmon in a puff pastry case.
Yum. Yum.
Starting to get used to the fact both girls are vegetarian/pescetarian now and I've ''lost'' 5 lbs without trying whilst eating so much fish!
Dancing for 6 hours at Berkhamsted Ball practice yesterday won;t have harmed either?

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  1. So much to see here, cute dogs, gorgeous stitching and stunning countryside X