Saturday, 24 January 2015

January Blues but more about Vienna

Almost a month ago now since I posted anything but it's been a very busy month thus far with lots of walks and crochet , work and research and a few blues thrown in for good measure.
 The sun rose beautifully over the Danube.....
 After a good night sleep in our delightfully huge room.
 And cake for breakfast! Including the Gugelhopfen.
 We got the hang of the Viennese metro system, using mainly two lines .

 Some funny decorations at the these stations.

Loving these Austrian Onion dome churches.
Walking to the skating area behind a hotel this Sunday morning. They don't have it in front of the Rathaus this time. Shame but we were determined to find where it was.
 This was the canal along which we walked to find where to skate.

 Found it!!!!

The Viennese are excellent skaters and their figure skating and waltzing on ice was a pleasure to watch! I was amazed the lady has to skate backwards the entire time! There's an exercise in trust worthy of a management training programme?
There were also groups of skaters who did fun twirling and circling figures in groups of 6 , 8 12 and more!

Miss Y and myself enjoyed ourselves hugely skating among them and we were blessed and thankful for such a sunny day with brilliant blue sky, no rain and a lot less wind at the skating arena.
JJ and Miss E were very patient and waited for us, not wishing to skate themselves.

I wore my newly acquired skates- from Oxford!- and Miss Y's were hired but they were lively leather ones and a lot more comfortable than the plastic ones provided for hire in Oxford.

After skating we were peckish so we walked to the Sacher Cafe- source of the famous Sacher Torte and queued for ages for a 4 person table....!!!

 There were framed embroidered cloths with famous signatures upon it:Look!
Peter O'Toole!

After lunch at the Sacher Hotel we wandered around the shopping streets which were quiet as everywhere was closed, but having found it we planned to come back early Monday morning for the girls to buy their presents and souvenirs.

And after visiting here we were tired and headed back to the hotel for a while.

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