Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Autumnal Walks

 Are going then, ARE we? Lucy getting keen to jump down and go for the promised walk.
 That day in October it was sunny and we went to the Prebendal for a change:

 And I think it was a Sunday as I went home to make cheese souffles to see if the girls would like them? They didn't.

 They DO however love this chocolate ''HAGEL'' from Delft which they have on brown bread for breakfast and lunch.
 On another Sunday: still in our sunny October I took the dogs to the ''bluff'' as we call it, or Aston Rowant woods.

 I'm loving this but am having a sense of deja vu: have I already blogged this walk?!!! Oh dear.

 Fab though? Reliving it?

 It was very very windy!

 Pippa having a rest. So I took a panorama shot...

 Came home to sew a ball-gown for the Oxfordshire annual Branch Ball for 25 October.
 Sewing together 3 strips of silk dupion I had from machine embroidery days.
 Then adjusted the bodice pattern to eliminate the side-seams ( to avoid the risk of the bands not joining perfectly)
 This was the finished result, not so bad eh? Also crocheted the flower lattice shrug to go with it.

 Always a bit nervous just before a Ball, all those dances to memorise and remember!
Good news was that the dress and shrug were very comfortable and wonderfully swirly in the turns and birls so I had a fabulous time.
 Then the very next day it was so sunny we went walking again, this time to Little Kimble....

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