Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Autumn Walks take 2

 Encouraging Pippa to climb the steep hill at the start.
 The view near the top: soooooo worth it!
 Lucy rolling around on the top of the hill: I have a video of this somewhere.
She does it every time.

 Pippa and Miss E in the distance behind us.
 Is Pippa ever coming? I'm fed up with waiting for my mum.
 We are enjoying the views while we wait. Pippa goes slow at the start of a walk but once past the halfway mark, tends to run all the way back to the car.

This time Pippa and Miss E are way ahead of us: why? It's the way home of course, we're more than half way!

 This is where Pippa saw a little rabbit on April 21st which is the last time I was here, she pulled abrubtly to chase the rabbit and I went over on my side, fell to the left onto the road and fractured my ribs on the left and my right ankle.
It was THIS rabbit hole that the wee rabbit was aiming for and indeed dissappeared down while I lay on my side. Never let go of Pippa's lead though!
As you can see though slightly uneven the road was quite flat and I still don;t quite comprehend how it happened. I have had bone scans now and do have slight bone thinning which is why the ankle broke so easily? In my 20's it would have been a sprained ankle.

Still smiling: all's well that ends well.

And finishing with a back view of that shrug I crocheted, it's just so pretty as well as comfortable that I am very happy indeed with it.
VERY HAPPY also to be living close to such lovely countryside with my lovely daughters, cherished husband, silly sausage dogs and having the time and resources to indulge in some creative crochet.

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