Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Divine Devon Delights

This  will be part 1 a quick snapshot of a wonderful week in Devon...
We'd had a great June and July and I was already browner than I have been in years, all UK sunshine.
 I took along this project:| a mini granny square border as a yoke for a sleeveless tank top to wear in all the very hot weather?
 And a fabulous batch of cotton to make a picnic blanket with?
 Stonehenge from a very slowly moving car, this 'cost me an hour delay''.
 Impressive queues both directions... WOW those clouds!
 Arriving at an impressive hallway!

 Especially also from the bedroom: an amazing view!

 And  a scary balcony built into the side of cliffs:

 Safer on the balcony outside the bedroom, you can see Paignton beach and an owl rocking chair.
 Lovely large patio and of course the sunshine was a bonus.
 As well as the view!!!!!!!
Those amazing RED cliffs of Devon.

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