Friday, 25 July 2014

Resin Update with actual pieces!

 So many weeks ago now I drove back the second day to Winchcombe in the brilliant sunshine!
 I was early so I stopped and took a few more photos on the way: it's so beautiful?

 We were taught how to make a resin bangle using a custom mould made by Rachel.
 This below is my bangle when I'm ''doming '' the back part after sanding it smooth?
 And I was ''doming'' my red resin discs made in the base of cupcake silicon moulds too.
 These are some fabulous inspirational discs by the tutor:very sparkly?
And these are those two red discs completed:

 With some holes drilled in to enable me to link them into a 3 disc necklace.
 The back again: so very glossy!
I also made this doughnut pendant with cut elastic bands within, to be hung from a colourful leather or suede cord and finished with fittings or moveable knotting closures to make a nice necklace
 I had a mishap with the doming resin on the back, some ran off and stuck to the front so I had to sand it all off and smooth again, but it left a dull finish, very matt. So then I had a lot of polishing to do.
 This is my red pendant, again I had a problem with doming resin leaking and spoiling the previously perfect disc, so I have sanded the worst of it away and then spent hours polishing?
And this is my BLUE version'' under the sea'' I call it and this too suffered a doming resin mishap....
 I made a very dark blue resin bangle, I really wanted a clear buttons bangle or some-such but that was too advanced and needed more time as it would be layers so we did a colour and added things....
As you can see I added'' a few sprinkles'' of pearly WHITE sequin waste but they turned very green and sank to one side, apart from being too numerous also?AAAAAAAAAAH!
 The other side had a little overflow and some silver snippets that got lost.
I did like adding the silvery paint mix though which added a cloudy swirly effect at the edges, very subtle.
 Can you see? I'm also so very happy as it's the first such bangle that has fitted me in many many years!
I have very slim tiny wrists: this 6 cm diameter is simply perfick.
 LOVE love love it as long as you can;t see that sparkly sequin side....
 Holding up to the sky to show the deep blue transparency?
 Yay! Happy with the red resin circle on my thick silver snake chain. And so very happy with the tan too!
It's been such a blissful summer thus far with many many sunny and very HOT days? And those balmy nights when you can walk after 10 pm with warm air whispering on bare shoulders?
 This Lapis is till my favourite but a little conservative and conventional?
 So this would be the ''under the sea'' one:
 Needs a turquoise top or dress as it's not navy or even royal blue.

Lookin' OKAY , yes very happy with these project items.
Can't wait to do lots more : mainly clear but it's too hot at the moment I believe AND I have an assignment to write and submit!

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