Sunday, 9 June 2013

Where's the summer?

 Hi, back again briefly as it's almost midnight and I must get some shut eye soon as I had less than 6 hours sleep a night last week and it was NOT good. Am working full-time during the week now , just for a few months but it's quite a lot more than the hours I have been used to. As well as crochet classes to prepare to teach at the weekend. Lack of hot sunny weather helped me to make this pencil case - well for me it will be a hooks and crochet accessories case- this weekend. I'm not sure I like it really, should have done better with the colours, but hey hindsight and all that.
 The pattern was from Art of Crochet magazine. Theirs is in wool.
 I based my colours on this gorgeously wild piece of striped cotton that I wished to line it with.

 Let's get back to a bit more Kaffe Fasset?!

 A bit of programmed machine embroidery here, only 2 pieces in the show that were thus.
 This is the second one.

 At the far corner of the knitwear corridor was a place to watch Kaffe travel videos and here were some paintings and tapestries:
 In the past I have preferred his textiles: taperstries and knitting over his paintings but these BOTTLE paintings were truly superb. SOOOOO shiny! AND I love the shapes and the colours.

 One of the videos was about a trip to India and North Vietnam and the Vietnam bit was most fascinating: this video was also being sold in the museum shop. It made me want to visit there.

 And there were designs for fabrics with the colour choices palettes below, lovely!

 LOVE LOVE LOVE these circles within circles.

 Of course I ADORE these blues!
 How I love this pencils design, so amusing and yet wonderfully linear? I'd want to WEAR it as a top or simple blouse. Or even a silk and viscose scarf?

 Such truly DELICIOUS colours somehow, I want to CROCHET with them!

And these beach huts remind me of bed, got to go now. More soon.

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