Monday, 3 June 2013

Kaffe Fassett continued...

 Aaah those fabulous beige/ochres/terracotta/cream/greys with a hint of lilac sparking those tonal delights... Shells were an obsession because of these items for me ...
This and two other chairs are LIFE SIZE! Ab fab.
 This is where I had to stop yesterday isn't it?
 It continues here:

 This is the place-mat but I made a cabbage cushion cover at the time.
 That bean and pea cushion was a kit at Ehrman's for years...

 I did like this quilt, not always so keen on all the others, but this one looked like a tiled floor from afar, an  Italian tiled floor?

 So so many flowers everywhere and the anoying do not touch signs in abundance but at least they let us take photos very freely! HOORAY!So I can share it and enjoy it again and again.

 Needle point rug or wallhanging...

 This one comes across quite religious to me. Reminds me of a cemetery?
 Funnily enough I absolutely love this swirly clouds jacket and yet it's not the usual brights or blues that I always go for? Am I maturing in colour taste? It's colourful yet subdued.

 Such glorious gorgeous knitwear, so many colours and complicated to handknit...?!!
But then I'm no knitter am I?

 Here you get a feel for the space and the layout: you could easily see all in less than an hour and it was really two rooms and 2 corridors....And a video but more of that later.
 I ADORE this waistcoat and I too made a tapestry needlepoint waistcoat in the early 1990's which I will share soon I promise- got to find where it's stored first- hardly ever worn it.Mine is a Tuscan village with a starry sky but I love these lush fruits! Mine was lined / backed in quilted silk but I do love this gold dupion.
 Look at that blushing plum and the yellow rose: divine isn't it?
 Strawberries, pansies and pretty piping...
 Even pretty circles in multicolour under the armpits?!

 Grapes and a peony and such pretty borders alongside the piped shaped sections: princess seaming at it's best. I wonder if it fitted well? Mine had no shaping, it was a kit, and did not sit well on my torso.
This large O'Keefe style bloom ( below) is in long stitch.
More to follow, I took 450 photos that day, also many of London itself and the Shard, the new jagged building near London Bridge...


  1. Wonderful, thanks for the pictures.

  2. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pictures. One day I hope to visit a similar exhibition. How nice that you were allowed to take photographs, as I can imagine it was hard to take it all in!