Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Starting the Sparkle Year

 This was the red velvet cake I took to Great Brickhill to celebrate the New Year and although I got hopelessly lost for ages I persisted and found it in the end and had a marvellously good time at the party.
 On New Years day as well as the concert from Vienna I found this Dutch violinist who had a bass solo singing a song about a dachshund!
 And a lovely little wire dachsie was first held and then walked up and down the stage.
 This was the cake that came home again and was enjoyed by the family.
 NEW STRIPEY SOCKS for 2013! I love the fact that these are boy age 10-14 socks size 13-3.5!!!
 Mary Poppins was a must and a delight as always! Much singing along.
A NEW journal for the start of 2013: half price in WH Smiths.
 And a plan to take up machine knitting again in JJ's Unit to replace an old - 20 years now!- favourite that was worn on Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day this year. Or should I say last year?
 Shopping for Miss Y's outward bound week in Mid- January- I loved this hat from Primark: I'm smiling really, honest! Miss Y caught the wrong moment, I actually bought a polar bear hat- more later.
 Sadly on the 6th we said goodbye to all the lovely festive decorations: I did so like these New England houses in my kitchen. And these were the new crop of 8 or so snowflakes...

 New dachshund Calendars:

 Puppy ones too, all half price but this one is not all wires.Miss Y's week highlighted.

 The first daffodils!
 Lots of this please, Lord, in 2013?
 A wee new project: tiny crochet in fine navy cotton thread: used a 2mm hook and the 100 snowflakes book. Here they are being blocked with a PVA solution.
 And I made a navy suede and etched glass and silver beads necklace for the Spring and the ''nautical season...
 JJ loves his new boots!!! So funny seeing them next to mine, almost identical except in size.
 Reminds me of the time in the early nineties when we both had identical watches- but chosen independently.
 Here's the Hall Calendar- January is a bid forbidding? Smoothie of course.
 They dried perfectly, HOORAY!
 Could this be a pendant maybe? Is it too big?
 Before and after sewing beads on ?

 And a tiny one ( <4cm a="a" be="be" experiment.="experiment." in="in" p="p" resin="resin" to="to">
 And I did a sample for tension calculations with my fab new red ball of CARVEZZA angora yarn from Adriafil, Bicester Wools. Using a 4.5mm hook, this sample weighs 15 g so I worked out I probably need 4 balls for the front, ditto for the back, 4 for the 2 sleeves and 1 for trims and finishing: 13 total.
 I also worked out the way I'll do the increases for the top down raglan sleeve method. It's  a wonderful dreamily soft yarn, I can't wait for my order to arrive! I'll be so toasty in this.
Again a la NAUTICAL this will be great with navy and white for a chilly Spring day?
 I had such a lovely break: this was a few hours of bliss while the girls were out shopping ( for 5 hours!) yesterday and I watched : Confessions of a Shopaholic on I-player.
 The stitch I used is called LUCY like my gorgeous young dog and is from
 THIS BOOK which I absolutely love for it's lovely stitches.

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