Friday, 25 January 2013

Daffodil jar crochet cover pattern!!!

 Here's a pattern for making your own jar cover which is just the right size for a bunch of daffodils.
 You'll need a few hours, a 4mm hook and 36 grammes of assorted double knitting cotton yarns.
I used an Asda sauce jar and 6 colours of DK cottons: two yellows: sunshine and lemon. Three blues: denim/sky, royal and French navy and a white. I worked top down and initially intended to run a navy satin ribbon through the top to tie in a bow below the neck but I think I now like it without the ribbon. The top edge was added last.
I started with half treble foundation stitches which are an American invention to give a nicer start than simple chain and it's more stretchy.
This is how I did it: chain two then  yarn over and insert the hook in the loop furthest from the hook. .
*Pull loop through-you now have 3 loops on hook, then yarn over and pull loop through only the first loop on the hook.( chain made)
Now yarn over and pull yarn through all three loops on hook in one go.( half treble made) First stitch made, which consists of those two parts chain and half treble.
Yarn over and insert hook into the chain two loops that lie behind the stitch just made. Continue as above from*.
Here is a link to a video which demonstrates a foundation treble stitch, my variation is just that you don;t go through two loops twice at the end but through three loops once. And beware the video is American using USA terms so a sc( USA) is a dc( UK) and a dc is really a UK treble.
In this way you make 32 stitches in the lemon yellow and close with a slip stitch.
 This is the jar both empty after cleaning in dishwasher and full before use.
 This is the empty jar with my early hyacinths....
 This is the jar showing how well the daffodils fit! And the M&S daffs which I bought in blue turned out to be PINK!
Let's continue: here's the pattern :
In UK CROCHET terms:
row 2: ch1, *1 dc in each of next 2 sts, 2dc in next st repeat from * all the around and slipstitch closed: 42 sts.
R3:Change to navy ch1, dc all around and sl st closed.
R4:sunshine yellow ch1 and dc all around, sl st closed
R5,6: Denim blue as r4.
R7: WHITE as r4.
R8:working in back loop only and in sunshine yellow: ch1 then dc all around and sl st closed.
R9 as r4 but continuing in sunshine yellow
R10: as r4 but in royal.
R11: ch2 , half trebles all around in lemon yellow. sl st closed.
R12-R31 repeats row 3 to row 11 in sequence ending on a single row of sunshine yellow.
Sew in all ends and check it fits the jar, it should for snugly.
To finish the top:attach sunshine yellow and ch1,* dc in each st twice, then dc2together, repeat  from * all around ending with about 21 sts. Then work crabstitch by working dc from left to right with hook upside down. Sew in ends and VOILA you have converted a simple glass jar to a lovely striped vessel for daffodils!

Mine measured 17 cm high and 25 cm in circumference approximately.
the holes in the top will take a narrow satin ribbon.

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