Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Pure joy of an afternoon: PUNTING

Last Sunday afternoon we simply had one of those blissful beautiful afternoons: pure peace, perfect pastime: punting on a gloriously hot sunny day.
A breeze whispering past your ears and caressing your shoulders. Geese and ducks to watch and / or feed and later we saw the most delightful families of ducklings too. Dragonflies of every hue: black to blue and green to turquoise.
Cherwell Boathouse: punt #82, brand new and JJ at the helm of the pole. Everyone happy.

Serenity prevailed. I cannot remember the last time we felt so utterly relaxed and ''chilled'' and no alcohol or food involved, just water, a boat and warm sunshine.
Miss E learning a few of the technicalities.
Miss Y , determined to join in, practices her skills with the oar.
Soon distracted with simultaneous video-ing and feeding of duckling family. And hey that's not stale bread, these were organic corncrackers intended for luch/snacking.... much more appreciated by these adorable cuties.
4 hours later, back where we started. Lunch at the pub on the river, where Miss E had to keep checking the goal status of Englandv Germany. Such was the day that the ignomineous defeat did not affect us.
This was with my new camera!!!!! Now many more catch updates to come- weather permitting, being a confirmed sun worshipper I don't blog when the sun shines!!!
PGL, Portsmouth, Pure pleasures, Present and a Parcel from Japan!
Not that any of it can beat this PUNTING day but do visit soon, when the other p's will be blogged. More crochet on the way too, very Promising.

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