Monday, 7 June 2010

PGL funtime adventures and a little crochet

Sorry, these posts are getting more and more rare these days, blame the job you know. Lots of days spent travelling and working but a quick update here. Rona jacket squares now over 50 % crocheted although not all of those have had their ends sewn in yet. That's more at 25%.
Quick gander at how the back may be shaping up. Quite a surprising bit of crochet and sewing in got done while on a PGL activity holiday in Devon.
On our day off, after 3 days and 12 intensive activity sessions we went to Torquay beach.

YEP, I DID it! Stood at the top of the trapeze pole with my raging fear of heights, my breathing laboured and my heart racing so fast I don't think it's EVER beaten so fast! Rational thought ( in that due to harness etc it's actually very safe) had to overcome natural survival instincts- ie the thoughts that screamed: DO NOT DO THIS!

There is Miss Y shimmying up the pole koala bear style.
Getting from the ''bearhug of pole'' postion onto the platform is actually harder than it looks! Athletic and the bravest, Miss E excelled in this task and repeated a perfect jump and swing 3 times!
Caught the pole and hanging superbly. Check out the platform- which should be horizontal- to ascertain the orientation.
Wow, with the fencing there was no stopping the advances of Miss Y: LUUUUNGE
Give me a hook rather than a bow anytime

Climbing: Miss Y had a good go at it.

Miss E reached the top every time, she's the monkey in the family. Well done everyone!

6 days and 24 activities later with a day off for miniature ponies and a visit to an amazing wool shop there will be more soon, see you later.

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