Sunday, 7 March 2010

Three things

Three things to keep me going and give exquisite moments of happiness: Lucy, Cuttlebrook and Crochet or any Creativity but at present that's a bit of Crochet.
The snowdrops were a surprise and a delight.

It's been a tough week, rather bleak and difficult in the extreme so these Cuttlebrook walks with the dogs, well they were therapy ( amazing).
Can't wait to try drawing these zigzaggy stripes!
Lucy dashing everywhere and greeting all humans and dogs soooo exuberantly, makes you laugh.

Or at home on the sofa, enjoying her chocolate chew bone. ( It's rock-hard)
These mornings at 8 am sharp she jumps the stairgate and comes galloping up the stairs and charges into our bedroom, jumps on the bed and starts licking faces and feet or any bare skin she can find...
She's especially good at cheering and waking JJ who tries to hide, but the more you hide the more she licks and burrows under the duvets to seek you out!
Put some flowers onto the cuff of a sleeve, but it doesn't ''work ''so I'll be removing them again, pronto.
I like these flowers but they don't look right here, I'll be using them somewhere else.

While I was pondering the next steps for the cardigan sleeve- stripes and if so which colours and what width or sequence etc; I went on to work on a new bedspread in another ripple.
This time it's a smaller colour palette but we'll play with the width of the stripes a bit more?

Not sure if the rythm is quite right yet. The red's too dominant at the mo'.
Here's to a better week ahead: JJ is looking really good and is feeling a tad better at last and I had 1 interview last week and 2 more in the coming week so fingers crossed!
Sorry the recipe links do not work, I'll add the dates for the posts and remove the links when I have a moment of ''me'' time: very rare at present.
Have a good week!

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