Saturday, 27 March 2010

Calling Lola and earth hour imminent

Calling LOLA because YOU have won the above brooch in the bloggiversary draw!!!! Hip hip hooray!!! I have tried to contact you several times and no reply yet, now you have 10 days from today to read this and e-mail or message me the address to which I will post it?

After this it will re-enter the draw for the other 5 followers. The smaller brooch has been posted to the other winner.
I finished Miss Y's cardigan by 22 March!!!!! Now I am writing up the pattern frantically before she chooses to wear it, there are stitch markers still in all the places where I did some shaping...
The above is a WIP photo , fear not it looks so much better now!
I am so very much more pleased with this new cuff, what do you think? Much better than the wee pink flowers I tried before and Miss Y simply LOVES iT apparently. Goody goody.

This was for Mothers' Day: I was so very pleased with it, made by Miss Y.

And 2 animated cards from Miss E, fuzzy pics , sorry... Got to dash now as EVERYTHING is being switched off for EARTH HOUR : in our house from 20.30 to 21.30 . We have candles and torches on standby and we are ALL going to bed early.... WHOOPEE!!!!!!
tHAT IS AFTER we have eaten the Delia rhubarb brulee which I have just made: scrummy!
The juices from the ginger and rhubarb I drained as per julia but I didn't throw it out, it's my hot drink mixed with white wine....LOVELY!
HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND evryone and see you soon, I hope.

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