Tuesday, 5 January 2010


After the truly amazing frosts we had yesterday with the temperature at dogwalking time ( 8.30 am) at -6 and by 4pm it was still only -4: those frosts gave all branches a set of white ''spines'', it looked like there were white ''thorns'' everywhere and when you touch them they melted away.
After that THIS! Been snowing since 6 pm, now 21:42 and we have at least 4 inches I'd say...

It keeps falling off the branches, they cannot hold anymore...Lucy LOVES it, been out every 15 minutes to dash about and catch the large falling snowflakes in her open and upturned mouth.
Then she snuffles down into the deep powder and eats some more.

Kids are ecstatic: surely there will NOT be school tomorrow? The sledges are propped up ready by the front door- fetched from the garage while we can still get into the garage....
Curtains are being kept open so we can stare in amazement and wonder: snow like this in Oxfordshire has not been seen for quite a while.
JJ is stuck in a hotel in Chester: snowed in. Mum is OK, we have chatted on the phone she has food supplies; milk,bread and eggs and enough oil and wood for heating and open fires and had promised not to venture out in case she slips or falls.She too is watching the snow fall on the beautiful Hamphire hills and keeping the curtains open as it's just sooo ....beautiful.
A . White. World.
Quiet. Silent. No cars. Pure , white, innocent. No roads or gardens can be seen, the white blanket covers it all. Soft powdery, downey whiteness.
Will blog again when all the playing in the snow has been done, blogging holiday 'till then. Bye!

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