Sunday, 13 November 2016

A Liberty Print Shirt - back to a bit of sewing.

For many years now I have yearned to make a Liberty print shirt and I had the fabric in the attic for many years, bought in the 1990's for a summer dress I think.
Then finally the other month I just DID it. I used VOGUE pattern 9127.
I made a fixed collar and cuffs instead of the changeable ones.
I added a contrast as the inside yoke and the inner collar stand and cuffs sort of Boden style.
Although way back in the 1980's when I sewed shirts I used to add contrast collar, cuffs and front bands too.
The sleeve placket is beautifully designed but a bit wide and big for me.
Possibly also because I did this in contrast also.
 It's a superb fit and really comfortable. I made a size 12 and it's a ''very loose fit'' Vogue patterns style.

 And am loving the tortoiseshell buttons!!! Quite proud of my sewn buttonholes for the first time in many years also.

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