Friday, 22 April 2016

a little bit more of those 6 days

A Day at the beach and doing the water slides!

 Afternoon tea...
 A few carbs to try
 Dessert all nut-free
Relax time in the upper reception halls
 Breakfast again, tea with milk: cay sutlu. Cereal was stale and indigestible.

 Fun panoramic view...
 Leg not as white as before and toe not crossing over!
 My first ice cream soon to become a daily habit: caramel and chocolate.


 The first cocktail from the Windmill Bar- vodka based, tasted of lime.
 A day on the little platform, lovely sea breezes and sounds of the sea as well as scenic views.

 Healthy salad lunch after reading the Tony Robbins chapter 10: Energy Foods for Success

 Little bottle trick for milk available at breakfast only works a treat for tea all day long.
There's a fab fridge in the room.
Such dreamy evening panoramic views. All those lights reflected off the water.

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